Learn About Korea’s Unique Wedding Culture!

A wedding where a loving couple begins a new life together with the blessing of many guests is an exciting event in both the East and the West. In Korea, a wedding is also a very important event that follows long held rituals and procedures. In the traditional sense, men and women were considered a true adult only when they got married. As time changed, strictly ensconced rituals and procedures have become simpler; however, a wedding is still considered as the most significant moment in life. The following explains the current culture of Korean weddings that has evolved over time.

Sanggyeonnye (D-180)

Sanggyeonnye refers to the occasion where the parents and relatives of both of the couples’ families meet for the first time to discuss the marriage. It is the first official step towards a marriage. Once a couple decides to get married, the man visits the woman’s parents to receive their permission; then the woman visits the man’s parents to greet them. When both parents agree, the sanggyeonnye is held.

Tips In Creating Wedding Video

Wedding video is among serious business with responsibility that need care, and creativeness of mind. Wedding ceremonies are once-in-a-lifetime moments; obviously everybody wants to get it done perfect. They’ll search for the very best videographer to capture the very best moment.

If you’re newbie within this job, here are the seven tips to create good wedding ceremonies video.

1. Plan your video shots with the bride, includes theme of wedding and occasions program information so that you can be aware of ceremony flow.

Gorgeous Butterfly Wedding Invitation Ideas

Are you racking your brain and planning for a wedding? If this is the case, there are many details you need to consider, including the wedding dresses, centerpieces and wedding reception. Everything tiny part that might have influence to the wedding will matter a lot to the couples.
Wedding is invariably once in a life event for almost every one. Hence, try your best to make it satisfactory is always very important. Take the wedding invitations as example. Wedding invitations are generally the first glimpse people get to know about your wedding and nothing is expected to go wrong.
Thinking of this, many couples would like to make their wedding invitations unique and chic so that the coming wedding cane be more attractive. And many people may confront the problem of what kind of wedding invites is most suitable for your wedding. And what come after are some ideas you may in favor of.
Since it is so popular to have a wedding theme for your wedding, you should make sure the theme you want to employ before making the invitation cards. Only by making clear choice beforehand can you make more suitable wedding cards. For example, considering that you are throwing a beach wedding, what you present in the cards are supposed to give some hints to the guests so that they can have better preparation about the wedding. Items like starfishes, sands and flip flops are always hot choices.
butterfly wedding invitations are actually fantastic theme you can adapt in that they are always considered to be elegant and graceful, which is very suitable for a romantic wedding. Apart from being relatively eye-catching, the butterfly invites idea has more significance than you could ever imagine. The butterfly is always associated with Eros in ancient Greek mythology. Hence, it cant be more suitable to choose butterfly as the image of your wedding invitations.
Besides, the butterfly is always thought as the symbol of rebirth, new beginning, beauty and hope since it is transformed from insets. Anyway, the butterfly invites are always the top choices for many young couples for the good implications.
The assortment of colors available also adds to the ease of choice, whereas some of the other symbols used nowadays are difficult to match, even the lace on some of the wedding dresses have the butterfly design within.
For the craft minded amongst you, there are plenty of templates and die cutters from which you could make your own butterfly wedding invitations and place cards, which can also be coordinated with place card holders, balloon weights, butterfly design guest book and iridescent butterfly confetti.
There are even some butterfly cookie cutters available so that if baking is your forte you could even make your own wedding favors!
The list goes on and on, so there will be no shortage of ideas for your butterfly wedding, cars and carriages can easily be decorated in this theme. Flowers for the reception and bouquets for the girls also look lovely adorned with butterflies.
In a word, the greatest part in a wedding is to enjoy the whole process and butterfly wedding invitations can definitely help make your wedding more adorable. http://www.austylishinvitations.com/

Why Not Try Salwar Kameez As The Best Design In Your Wedding Dress

Are you one planning to do a wedding and wondering the kind of wedding gown to purchase? Try Salwar Kameez which is among the best designed gowns for weddings. In Indian culture, this design of wedding sarees is preferably used and is made from special designers who have the right skills and expertise. If you are in India, visit a bazaar which stocks designer salwar kameez. Among the many Indian Saris you can get in many shops dealing with making and selling wedding gowns in India include; Anarkali Salwar Suit, Patiala Salwar Kameez, Churidar Salwar Kameez and many others. When orders have been made on the wedding dresses, delivery is done to the customers doorstep thus saving them a lot of transport and other expenses to be incurred.

On top of Salwar Kameez, other wedding saris one can get from the most retail outlets in India are;

1.Serene OffWhite Cotton Salwar: This is one of the exclusive collections of suits one can ever get from most shops and its demand is very high globally. It is made with a lot of modernity which is the many peoples choice more especially when it is worn. Usually come in the market with many colors, designs and texture thus leaving customers with a choice of selecting the best.

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