Kurta Pajama A Great Combination Of Style And Comfort

Kurta pajama is one of the basic ethnic clothing of men especially in South Asia. It is considered one of the most comfortable wear of ethnic fashion that is a must to portray the manly charm in a sophisticated way in any traditional event or semi-formal occasions.

What is Kurta Pajama
Kurta Pajama, consists of two pieces of garments, one is kurta and the other is pajama. Basically kurta is more like a long shirt like loose fitting outfit that reaches up to or below knees, whereas the second one, i.e. pajama or pyjama, is a lightweight drawstring trouser. This pajama can also be in the form of churidar which is tight fitting extra long trousers whose excess length falls as folds or churis on ankle part.

Other styles of kurta bottoms can be mens salwar which is again a drawstring trouser. It can also be in different patterns like pathani salwar, patiala salwar etc. To give a typical Indian traditional look kurta can be worn with a dhoti too which has its own way of draping and style. For ease and comfort there is option of readymade dhotis as well. To give a fusion look to your kurta you can also pair it with jeans.

One Way To Handle Second Marriages

While all of us hope to find that one special person in our lives, what do we do when that person is taken away from us unexpectedly? For some lucky people, they end up finding a second special person. One of those lucky people is Kimberly Roads, a member of the grammy-nominated country band Little Big Town.

After disaster
On November 28, 2006, she married her long-time friend, Stephen Schlapman after her first husband died from a sudden heart attack last year. He was only in his forties, so his death came as a shock to everyone but with Stephen’s help not only was Kimberly able to get through her tragic loss but her band went on to have its best year ever. Their album The Road to Here just went gold and two of their singles had been in the Top 10.

The Second Time around
So how does a recently widowed country singer tie the knot the second time around? Well, Kimberly and Stephen headed to a private Caribbean island with their friends, family, and the other members of Little Big Town to exchange their vows. In fact, the ceremony we so secret news of their marriage didn’t even hit the press for another nine days.

Christian Weddings In South India

The word wedding itself raises spirits in the minds of people. In fact, the very sound of the word wedding gives us a joyous bump. Ever wondered what it is about weddings that enthralls and fascinates everyone. Nothing in this world is so gaily celebrated as this union of man and woman in a ceremony called wedding. Everywhere in the world, different kinds of weddings have different ceremonies, as each culture has its own bunch of traditions and customs, based on their ethic origin.
Similarly, the Christian weddings in South India is a blend of Indian and Western customs since the time Christians in India are Indians who have been converted to Christianity by the British Christian missionaries, when Britain ruled India. Therefore, the Indian Christians, while still sticking to their Indian culture have also incorporated some western customs in their weddings. This jovial mingle of Indo-Western customs reflects on the Indian Christian wedding ceremonies as well! But then, one should not mix the concept of Indian Christianity with Indian Christians with Anglo-Indians whose parentages are a mixture of both Indians and British and they just follow only the western culture and traditions.
Well, talking about weddings, as in all other Indian ethnicities, the Indian Christians too opt for the traditional arranged marriages, though that trend is gradually changing, as the generation of today likes to choose partner on its own.
How the Bride and the brides maids dresses up
The Indian Christian bride is supposed to wear a white or off white saree with or without veil. The brides maids (again in sarees) and the flower girls dresses have to match the color decor of the wedding! However, of late, it has been observed that many brides are choosing to wear gowns and veils for the church service and then change over to the traditional silk sarees for the wedding reception.
On the day of the wedding, just a few hours before the church service, the sisters of groom and his cousins carry decorated trays containing the wedding saree, the veil, a bible, traditional coconuts, dried fruits like almonds, pista, cashew nuts and Indian sweets to the brides residence and place them in front of the bride. The church pastor, who is also present in the wedding, blesses the saree and hands it over to the bride. After that, the grooms group leave for the church where he awaits the bride at the church alter.
The Church Service During The Wedding Day
The wedding service in a Christian matrimonial is conducted just like all the Christian church weddings in the western countries but there is one difference, instead of the ring the groom places the Thali or ‘Mangalsutra’ around the neck of the bride amidst the peals of the church bell. The ‘Thali’ or Manglasutra is a gold chain with a gold pendant in which the symbol of the cross is entrenched. A woman wearing a Thali is a married woman. At times, during the wedding, rings are also exchanged in church. But usually rings are exchanged only during the engagement ceremony. Now, the groom takes the wedding promises holding the gold cross pendant, Thali. Another deviation in an Indian Christian wedding from the western custom is that the groom does not kiss the bride in church as kissing in public is sort of outlawed in India. Finally, the bride and the groom are pronounced as the man and the wife by the church pastor.
After the wedding service takes place, the newly-wed couple walks down the aisle, while the Church Organ plays the Wedding March and the congregation shower rice and flower petals on the couple symbolizing blessings.
After that, there is the usual wedding reception with some usual ceremonies like cutting of cake, proposing the toast to the bridal couple but no dance. Since the Indian christian weddings are a very social event with a huge crowd, dancing and singing are meant for the close family members who dance only when all the guests leave. And then, the couple is forced to drink a glass of milk and banana (a symbol for prosperity and fertility), the couple leaves for their honeymoon. Thats about all regarding the rituals of Christian weddings in South India!

Bridal Sarees And Wedding Sarees Things To Consider

Indian bridal sarees and wedding sarees have changed a lot over the time with the changing fashion trends. A few decades back, there were not many choices available in Indian saris for brides and mostly, they used to wear red sarees embellished with Gota and its variants. Now the there are lots of alternatives and choices available for the brides in colors, fabric, and embroidery work that sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose from.

The most important occasion in a womans life is her wedding ceremony. Every woman wants to look gorgeous, the most beautiful and the most attractive lady in the whole gathering. That is why every woman takes so much time to finalize the outfit for this day. Indian bridal sarees and wedding sarees are probably the best apparel for a bride in which brides look stunning.

While selecting bridal sarees and wedding sarees, women should consider five aspects-prices, color, saree style, drape style, and the border of the sari.

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