Bengali Bride And Groom

Bengali weddings in India are marked by blowing of the conch shells and ululation by the women dressed in red and white Bengali style sarees. They celebrate weddings with traditional rituals which are not adorned in any kind of flamboyancy and are very simple and beautiful affair. Live musicians also known as Shehnai are played over a music system which symbolizes the social declaration from bride and grooms family to the rest of the society about the wedding occasion.

On the wedding day, a Bengali bride represents the true feminine beauty in women and looks spectacular. Dressing up a bride is a task and an occasion in itself where she is draped in a red or crimson Banarasi saree which is the most traditional attire for a Bengali bride. Some women give it a modern touch by choosing different colors such as pink, maroon and white but, the color red is given the highest preference which adds charm and glow to the beauty of every single bride and is considered to be very auspicious. The saree has rich and intensive golden embroidery work which looks stunning on a banarasi saree as it is a weakness of every Bengali woman and their wardrobes can state it all. In Bengali marriage, many brides wear chunni separately on their heads which is made of silk only.

After the saree is draped properly, brides hair is tied neatly into a bun or braid adorned with flowers and tiaras. This is followed by putting traditional gold jewelry on her different body parts. Heavy jewelry is worn by the Bengali bride that signals to the continuation of wealth even after marriage and is treated like a Goddess Lakshmi. She wears heavy necklace along with earrings. On her forehead she wears tikka or a head band which covers her entire forehead with jewelry. Beautiful peacock designs and floral designed jewelry is worn by the bride. In some marriages in India ancestral jewelry of mother or grandmother is gifted to the bride where in some families the bride has to wear it on her wedding day. On the ankle gold anklets are worn along with toe rings. Traditional red and white bangles made of ivory and lac is worn on her hands where one or two gold bangles are also essential.

Country Themed Wedding Favors

Themed wedding is the -in- thing this season. There are so many themes to choose from, such as season themed wedding, beach themed wedding, wine themed wedding, etc. One of the latest theme i.e. unique and yet very stylish is country theme for your wedding. If you are a couple, who have selected country theme for your wedding, then the wedding favors that you choose for your guests must reflect that theme. While selecting country themed wedding favors, you can make a balanced integration of rustic country style and western country style wedding favors. A creative mixing of different types of favor will make your unique day more memorable for you and at the same time you will get cheap wedding favors by purchasing them in bulk.

While choosing rustic country style wedding favors, you can have the following options:

You can have natural color palette depending upon the season in which your wedding is going to take place in order to create a natural atmosphere for your wedding. If the wedding is falling in the spring or summer, you can consider using bright color palettes such as purple or yellow. However, if the wedding is in fall season, you can choose more earthy color such as green, brown, golden yellow, or orange.

Jewish Wedding Traditions Explained

Jewish wedding ceremonies and receptions are rich with culture and traditions that celebrate the young couples new journey together. These traditions can differ greatly between Orthodox and non-Orthodox synagogues, but there are several customs you can expect at almost any ceremony. The decision of how many traditions to include in your ceremony and reception is up to the couple and their families, but we have explained some of the most popular here.

The Bdeken. Before the wedding ceremony begins, the father of the bride, father of the groom and all the groomsmen will lead the groom to the brides room. There the bride will be waiting with her female family members and bridesmaids. When the groom arrives, he places the veil over the brides face to set her apart from the other women and to signify that he is interested in her spiritual beauty more than her physical beauty. It is also said, this tradition began in biblical times after Jacob was tricked into marrying the wrong woman. The groom is said to place the brides veil over her face to ensure she is in fact the woman he expected to marry.

The Procession. This is the first place guests will notice a difference between a Jewish ceremony and a Christian one. Both the bride and groom will be accompanied by their parents when they walk down the aisle. Normally, the procession starts with the rabbi, then the grandparents, the groomsmen, the groom and his parents, the bridesmaids, a flower girl, a ring bearer and finally the bride and her parents will walk down the aisle. At the end of the procession, it is common for the bride to circle the groom seven times to signify her commitment to him.

Stylish Kamarband jewellery for Indian Brides

Summary: Kamarband jewellery is also a specially noted form of bridal jewellery which often completes the look of the bride.


Indian weddings are just a dream for a bride and on that day they want everything to be just perfect, let it from the outfits to the jewelry itself, brides always look for everything should match the trends as well the culture of their traditions. Today, the Indian brides always look for the perfect amalgamation of latest trends with the ethnicity of culture in their wedding jewelry trends and latest designer Kamarband jewellery is one of them. These designs are easily ruling the bridal accessory collections and makes the bride complete on that very special day of her life.

Why Is An Engagement Ring So Important To Women

The ring shows the rest of the world what they have. This is a custom going back very far. Maybe not always in the form of a ring but many things were given to show to the rest of the men that this one girl is taken so to say. Now I think many women feel that they are showing what the man that loves them will give them to show off to the rest of the world. Remember it isn’t always the girl that wants this it is said that a man should spend 1 months salary on the engagement ring. SO you figure it out.

These are just a few questions that can make a man feel very overwhelmed. I know when I was searching for an engagement ring for my wife, I was a nervous wreck. Not only because of what the ring would symbolize, but thats a lot of money to spend on something youre not sure the other person will really like. For some men, the pressure of getting all of this right is enough to either delay buying a ring or not getting one at all.

I have had conversations with several women that say that it doesnt matter what the ring looks like. Its the commitment that they are looking for. Some seem sincere while others are lying through their teeth.

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