Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

When throwing a backyard reception, what happens there is limited only by the constraints of the space and the flexibility of your imagination. If you want to have a barbecue, go ahead. If you want a luau, party on. Taking the wedding reception outside of the reception hall affords the bridal couple a lot of freedom if they’re ready to accept it. Here are some ideas to make a backyard wedding reception easy and wonderful.

In a traditional reception hall wedding reception, there is a dance floor surrounded by tables. In less-formal receptions, some people choose to forego some of the tables and serve appetizers, but the layout is pretty much the same. In a backyard wedding, you can choose any layout you like. Instead of a circular arrangement of tables and chairs, try using the topography of the space to create conversation areas. They could be standing tables around a swimming pool full of lily pads and sunflowers, comfortable lounge chairs on the deck to watch the sunset from, and other groupings of chairs and tables around the yard. Place a food station at each conversation area, and the guests will naturally flow from one area to another.

Decorations need not be extravagant in a backyard wedding reception. Play up the yard’s features with extra flower plantings and possibly the addition of some flowering trees. Small flower arrangements of roses or carnations on the tables and about the reception area will go a long way toward creating beauty and ambiance. The cost of decorations could be cut in half, and perennial flowers and trees will be wonderful reminders of the day for many years to come. If the yard you’re using doesn’t have many features to play up, create a dance floor and surround it with tables. Erect a tent above the dance floor and swathe the tent poles with tulle. String fairy lights up the poles and around the tulle and place lanterns on the tables. It creates a perfect ambiance for an evening garden wedding.

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Rituals Followed In A Marwari Marriage

Rajasthan is a place known for its cultures, rituals and most of all; it is famous for its colorful people. The people of Rajasthan are very colorful and in every manner, very religious and spiritual. The sand dunes, safaris, dance, lush forests, wildlife are few of the traits, which make Rajasthan a special and a different place in the country. Blue pottery, metal craft, woodcraft, leather wear, stone carving, metal lamps, are the famous handicrafts offered by Rajasthani culture.

The reflection of all these colors and cultures can be seen in a Marwari marriage. Marwaris are the people resident of the Marwar region of Rajasthan. These people are termed Marwaris irrespective of their caste, there can be Marwari Baniya, Marwari Brahmin, or Marwari Rajput, can be hindu, muslim or jain., the identity they carry is according to their geographical area.

As all other marriages in Rajasthan, Marwari marriages are very traditional and usually an extravagant affair. The marriage rituals start from days before the marriage and extend to loads of days after the marriage. The pre- marriage, during marriage and post marriage rituals are described as below:

Wedding Dress Shopping

This is the big day! The dress is the biggest part of the show! What will you wear? Who will go with you to pick it out? What will look best? These questions and others plague every bride as she begins the journey towards her second love, her wedding dress. Being thoughtful about the process of selecting your wedding dress, will create an experience that is memorable because of the amazing way it made you feel.

1. Style: Brides almost never arrive to a dress shop with absolutely no clue as to what they want to wear on their wedding day. Most have looked online or in magazines to see what styles they would like. While this is a great way to get a head start, it can also be a source of extreme disappointment. The style you have in mind might look fabulous on you. However, there is a chance it might not. Keeping an open mind when going to look for a dress is an important part of the journey. You may be completely surprised, but none the less thrilled with the style that actually does look fabulous on you. I had my heart set on a particular dress from a magazine when I went dress shopping. It was the first one I tried on at the store and I immediately knew when I saw myself in it that it was not for me. However, it did not ruin my day and I found there were plenty more styles that I liked even better.

2. Who to take: Traditionally, only a few people or even just the mother of the bride see the wedding dress before its debut. Today, brides want to feel more inclusive with their bridesmaids, siblings and sometimes even their fianc. This is completely up to the bride, however, this will be an emotional experience and it is always best to choose people who will be emotionally supportive. Yes, you want people who will honestly give you an opinion on dresses, but opinions and truth can be presented in various ways and taking people along who will present it in a loving, thoughtful way will make your experience that much richer. When I went to pick out my dress, I took my sister, who was my matron of honor and my mother. I narrowed it down to two dresses and even went back a second day to try them both on again before I finally chose one. Once I had narrowed it down to the two, my sister and mother never stated which one they preferred. They simply told me that I looked beautiful in both and that whichever one I went with would be wonderful. That was so reassuring to me. I did try and pressure them a bit to confess which one they preferred, but they never did. I got to make the final selection and only received accolades from both. It was an awesome experience and I felt nothing but love and support from them.

How To Start A Pro Function Band

Wedding bands are being created every day, what is the secret to becoming a top wedding bands.

First thing to do is finding your musicians. You do need a collection of good musicians, but the most key issue is, do you bond? I have seen some of the top musicians perfoming live together and sounding fanstastic but with a really bad live stage presence, because of an disagreement on the way to a gig. This is very important when you are trying to create a memorable performance. Also if you get along it will give your cover bands longevity, there is nothing worse than auditioning a new bassist every week and this stop start motion can quickly make the artists loose enthusiasm and quit.

Next on the list is getting a regular rehearsal schedule. At the start try to rehearse as much as possible at first then maybe about once a week as the songs becomes solid. The most important thing to making practice more productive is to set everyone home work for the week. Getting band members to learn their parts for the song at home makes for a much more effective practice, than sitting there while your drummer is trying to figure out his solo for an hour.

Wedding Photo Booths – Choose the Best for Lasting Memories

Can you even think of a wedding minus photography? So, why not bring a new twist to this same old tradition by involving your guests in the process too! Wedding photo booths is opening up a plethora of opportunities for adding something fun and enjoyable to your special event and it has practical purposes too! Those of you splitting hairs on how to arrange a memorable wedding within limited budget no longer need to fret.

Besides arranging decoration, catering, wedding dress, venue, and transport you need to set aside money for purchasing wedding favours and creating entertainment opportunities too. Photo booths can help you save on the latter. Photographs clicked inside the photo booth serves as a fantastic favour, and everybody will have the time of their life clicking photographs, doing away with the need for hiring entertainers!

So, how can you go about choosing the best rental services, which is perfectly in keeping with your expectations?

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