Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

Decorating a Wedding cake is one of the most important things that you will do for your wedding. The Small figurines that resemble Bride and Groom and go on Wedding Cake are called Cake Toppers. Usually these cake toppers have Groom in black suite and Bride in white dress. However personalized Cake Toppers is also very popular. Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers are unique and they are made to match your personality and every smallest detail from your wedding dress to hair style and much more. It also conveys your own distinct style and sense of fun!
Showing your guests that you have paid attention to even the smallest detail of your wedding creating a great talking point for them. Not only will it add that special touch to your wedding decorations, but after the wedding it is a keepsake you will keep and cherish if they are made from non-edible clay. They will bring fond memories of your special wedding day forever.
Personalized Cake Toppers which are also known as Custom made bride and groom are usually to 1/12th [6 inches tall approx of the actual size Bride and Groom. Sometimes these Cake Toppers are made according to the customers specifications depending on the size and if you e of the cake. They are either made of clay or using sugar craft. Cake toppers made using clay lasts almost forever as they can be washed and cleaned easily.
Lot of intricate work goes into each cake topper, the hair style details, flowers, jewellery and more. Even color of those tiny eyes have a realistic look. Look for the suppliers who emphasize on giving attention to these details create toppers that capture emotions in those figures by giving them various poses as per individual needs.
There are many suppliers across UK and Ireland that provide personalized Cake Toppers. These provide handmade cake toppers and can be searched on the web by searching on cake toppers Ireland or cake toppers uk depending on location you are at. Wedding Cake Toppers is becoming a must at every wedding just like Baby Christening Cake Toppers are for Baby Showers. These cake toppers are handmade and are available at reasonable price everywhere. However a word of caution for those who are looking for cheap cake toppers, dont risk your special day for a few bucks as it may lead to major let down.